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Выпуск 3 добавлен 12.08.13 21:48

Dance track «Hands Up!» is a best way to make a DJ show in the moonlight. Artist & musician: MaRiCaBo / Oleg Seriy. With great respect to everybody, who work with this track.

Выпуск 2 добавлен 12.08.13 21:47

Song «I’m Jesus of Nazareth» is a best way to shock the people. Artist & musician: MaRiCaBo / Oleg Seriy. With great respect to everybody, who work with this track.

Выпуск 1 добавлен 12.08.13 21:44

Song «I’m Jesus of Nazareth» is a best way to shock the people. Artist & musician: MaRiCaBo / Oleg Seriy. With great respect to everybody, who work with this track.

Выпуск 15 добавлен 18.08.11 19:44

Книга Мир Одноклеточных от Олега Серого и Марицабо на английском языке.

Выпуск 14 добавлен 18.08.11 19:42

Some information about me, Oleg Seriy & MaRiCaBo… The 1st man, who in 16-years old flew into an UFO with aliens, on the initiative of extraterrestrial intelligence, while having incorporated consciousness. I have regular contact with extraterrestrial civilizations through information channel. I wrote a Legion of books. Some words about my other titles.
Maricabo, oleg seriy, ufo, sci-fi, fiction, non fiction, alien, aliens, extraterrestrial, civilizations, extraterrestrial civilizations, information channel, books, writer, writer ussr, zacharia sitchin, gerbert uells, titles

Выпуск 13 добавлен 18.08.11 19:41

It is a 13 Bonus-Music Episode from The World of Unicellular by Oleg Seriy & Maricabo, that contains three songs (3 in 1) from this great book. It is a present from the author for you & all fans of this unbelievable book! Format of music - Podcast Installation. I will speak about angels, demons, doomsday & Last Judgment! Yeah!!! It's really so! It is the Last 13 Episode & Last Judgment in The World of Unicellular. With respect, Oleg Seriy & MaRiCaBo. Good Luck!..
Oleg seriy, maricabo, world of unicellular, grat book, bonus episode, podcast, installation, god, devil, angels, demons, doomsday, 2012, last judgment, world of unicellular, mir odnokletochnih

Выпуск 12 добавлен 18.08.11 19:40

How the people were reading the “Book of Salvation from the Doomsday 2012-2013” by Oleg Seriy & MaRiCaBo in their places… Don’t wait for the Doomsday, because it is already set in & you can save in this moment. Just become the God – as We Are!!! Transform all illusions of the Matrix. You are not the slave – you are the King! That is EDEN! Here is the Heaven… Where are our solves now, where we are??? I will tell you. We have already opened the doors to Paradise!.. Just do it!!! Take your guns, right now, then we will give you the blasters!.. We are people and the aliens… Just listen how we killed all bad deputies and how the indigo children rules. AntiChrist – it is a Savior & the Devil One. He was their leader… And you should know. If you are sinners, you will be punished in the Last Judgment!!! How? Just listen this great book!!! How we were captured bad people (public enemies), put them into cages & punished them?!? I speak about this, too. About this Great Show – The Day of Judgment!!! Death, death and totally Apocalypse. So we built the Paradise – PROJECT – EDEN… Golden Age of the Creator… The Age of Multicellular beings… Gods…
People, book of salvation, 2012, doomsday 2012, 2013, oleg seriy, maricabo, last judgment, god, matrix, neo, illusion, king, eden, heaven, paradise, aliens, antichrist, devil, demon, angel, god, tv show, show, broadcast, podcast, apocalypse, oligarchs, day of judgment, project eden, paradise, jesus christ, carpenter, multicellular, ludmila sira, seraya, grey, marina rudik, crash 27, ernests

Выпуск 11 добавлен 18.08.11 19:39

Good morning! The Era of Multicellular has come. After the Era of Carpenters-Christ’s. Have you already rescue from the Doomsday 2012??? And that is. I was God, so I was invisible naked man with my cock like a Super-Duper Man from the Super-Book! Thanks to me International Pirates agreed to remove Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible – in my book. Then they stop worshipping him! Everybody stop!.. Just cut Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible and put there Your Name. Then you will resurrect. Hallelujah!!! Millions of people today remove Jesus Christ from the Bible, sir. Just cross out the carpenter… We can’t do anything about it! They put their names here… They resurrect, sir. “The Salvation Book from the Doomsday 2012-2013” could survive even the Devil, if he would find time & funds to pay me”,- Oleg Seriy. So have you already deleted the name of Christ from the Bible??? Just do it! I am the God Hermes… And who are you??? Carpenter & slave or the free person?!? God – who is him?!? AntiChrist – who is him??? People – who are they??? Just listen Oleg Seriy and MaRiCaBo by PROJECT – EDEN, Ent…
Oleg Seriy, maricabo, unicellular world, multicellular, era of multicellular, superman, jesus Christ, bible, holy bible, hallelujah, remove jesus Christ, cut Christ, cut jesus, jesus super star, salvation book, doomsday 2012, hermes, angels, demons, god, devil, 666, beast, antichrist, project eden, eden, project, remove jesus, people, homo sapiens, seraphitus, christus, seraphitus christus, lazarus, paradise, hell, paradasians, hellenits, tellurians

Выпуск 10 добавлен 18.08.11 19:32

Jewish Zionists’ killed a lot of Palestinians after the Second World War. All knowledge was in Pirates hands, people in all centuries were in slavery. Jews were not slaves in Egypt. There were no Biblical persons existence. No Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jacob existence!!! All the biblical heroes were copied from the pharaohs from Egypt. Bible – this great bestseller – is only the myths & legends stories… Just a biblical fiction, Abraham was married with his sister Sara, but she couldn’t become pregnant… Amen – it is the Lord of Egypt – Amenemhet the 1st. He was the great ruler. Bible Abraham is an Egyptian pharaoh also. Bible – is a product of this Christianity show “The Unicellular God – Jesus Christ”. Amen Ra (his eye) was pictured in 1 USA dollar & pagan obelisks of hidden Devil God Amen Ra were built in Washington, Vatican, London, Moscow & Kyiv. Where all the British monarchs were crown??? I’ll answer… Biblical Jacob is the pharaoh Jacobeen. About Doomsday & Antichrist (the Beast 666). You could know about Volume 2 – the Multicellular Invasion in the Unicellular World & Cinder Surprise fan club, that was were familiar to the Christian Biblical Church.
Jewish, Zionists, Palestinians, Egypt, world war second, pirates, slavery, murdery, oleg seriy, maricabo, jozeph smith, Abraham, joseph, moses, Jacob, pharaoh, bible, amen, amenemhet the 1st, amen, ra, doomsday, last day, last judgment, unicellular, moron, idiot, sex, god, jesus Christ, Christianity, demon, devil, 666, beast, usa, dollar, one dollar, devil god, pagan obelisks, Washington, Vatican, London, Moscow, Kyiv, british monarchs, jacobeen, carpenter, antichrist, Christian fiction, non-fiction, fiction, multicellular, money, invasion, cinder surprise, Christian biblical church, church, dolts, degenerates, crisis, brains

Выпуск 9 добавлен 18.08.11 19:29

USA Federal Reserve was building on the lie of International Pirates-Slaveholders, which have landed at last. They, people with shizo, are lords of war. They are your rulers! Businessmen are slaves & slaveholders simultaneously. How pirates from the government made a terrorist act in September, 11-th, in the USA? They, Insiders, brought 40 billions of dollars with the help of Douche Bank, thanks to this crash. It was just an industrial demolition!!! But zombie-people vote for them… I LOVE AMERICA, but I would like to say the TRUTH!!! So… Why there are no American language?.. Because USA is MSA, English colony. Why??? Some words about 3 Pirate States (USA – District of Columbia, England – City London, Italy – Vatican). They have their own newspapers, prisons & armies & don’t pay taxes))). Vatican made money with all the corporations, Rotshilds and another richest families. Catholic Church was the richest enterprise in the whole unicellular world. They killed a lot of people “in the name of God”. It was a terror, just an inquisition. Demons ruled the world. They have their own Crown (Ring of Power). They killed the president of America Lincoln, because he want to survive american people from slavery. Who destroy the American Constitution??? Yes, I speak about it, too. I speak about that all the countries are the corporations & presidents of this countries are the slaves… About Obelisk of Amen Ra, that is based in 3 Crown Cities.


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